Well done to our Studyladder Stars who have completed all their tasks this week!
Alexi, Flynn, Harry, Lottie, Monique, Penny, Samantha, Tom, Kate and James
Well done to our Login Leaders who have been logged in and practiced most often:
Archie, Savannah, Samantha, Tom and Penny.
Look out for the new Time activities this week...
Well done Harry and Tom from our classroom and also Kyle, Ben and Leah from Spraymarks room and Georgia from Quigley Contracting room in Lagmhor, who will be representing us in the Year 5/6 NiE Quiz in Timaru in September.
This week they will be swotting up on European Countries, Asia and Oceania and World Flags. You can use some of the online tools they will be using to help them study here:
European countries and capitals game
Asian map game
Flags and more flags
NZ map Quiz
Some great images from the Winter Tournament held last week have turned up on Ashburton Online!
On Wednesday 7th of August, the  year 5/6 went to winter tournament. The sports we had to choose from were rugby, netball, hockey or soccer. I choose rugby. Will, Flynn and I went with Ms Grimes and Mr Lim. We won our first game, we won or second game, we lost our third game, and we won our fourth game. We beat the winning team but they beat the team who we lost to, so they won the tournament. Then we went back to school.
 I really enjoyed winter tournament.


Use this link to practice the names of fruit in Spanish! 
We have been looking at the attributes of role models and evaluating our own qualities. This is a link to a "Multiple Intelligences" Quiz that we are using today to help us discover what our stengths are. Don't forget to record your "secret code" which you can use at any time to look again at your own results. Anybody can use this quiz! We would love to hear what type of intelligence is your strength so let us know by commenting below!