We performed a short play for our school at assembly on Friday June 7th. It was set on a movie set which was shooting at Christchurch International Airport! We used some of our Spanish conversation that we have been learning with Mrs Florez.It was such fun to put it all together!


13/06/2013 01:15

I really enjoyed being a emotional actor in this it was very easy and i heard lots of great comments said about Shania and I after we finished our part
I heard the great comments from the people at the assemby and on the video Ms Grimes posted
I hope we can do something like this again

13/06/2013 19:12

You are quite right Sarah it was a lot of fun I am pretty sure that the whole class that preformed would be proud of themselves and had a lot of fun. Don't you think!!!!!

SeƱora Florez
13/06/2013 18:27

Muchas gracias!!!!!!
El video fue exelente, fantastico y fabuloso.

Un abrazo

Sra. Florez

14/06/2013 01:41

I quite enjoyed being in the background. Everyone did good acting but Sarah and Shania did really good acting. Great work everyone.

18/06/2013 21:45

I liked being a part of make up girls and I bet Savannah liked it too!!!!!

Ms Wills
18/06/2013 21:48

I was really impressed with your assembly item Smith and Church! It was entertaining and inspirational. Since your item I've noticed some of our students practising their Spanish conversations without me asking. Thanks for your a great performance. I loved it.

01/07/2013 19:38

That was so much fun I loved being up on the stage!

Sandra Leak
08/07/2013 04:28

I enjoyed seeing the class in action on stage! Well done class.

22/07/2013 16:29

No puedo esperar hasta que pueda hablar bien el español. El tema de la asamblea fue muy divertido de realizar.

(I can't wait until I can speak Spanish fluently. The Spanish assembly item was fun to perform).


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