Monique, Savannah and Lottie spent some time at home creating some art for the Wearable Art competition at the Youth Council. They showed it to the rest of the school at the Certificate Assembly on Friday. Their art will now be displayed in the school library!
Read their report here on the school's Borough Greenies Enviro Wiki

Have a look at some of the new work which Flynn, Isaac, Penny and Alexi have added to our site this week in our Artists and Athletes pages! 
This is the link you will need in order to complete the student survey. You will also need a password which will be given to you in class.
WALT to extend picture patterns using number strategies.

This is the link to the Digistore Student PIN page. Use the PIN number I gave you in class today to login and build bridges!
Every day for 2 weeks, the year 4, 5 and 6 went swimming. I’m level six with Archie, Penny and Sam. I found out that we all struggle with breast stroke except Sam. At the start for our warm up we do 2 lengths of everything.
Each lesson is half an hour. The first bus
leaves at 1:15pm and the second bus leaves at 1:45pm. People at level 4 down go on the second bus but I go on the second bus because I’m level 6. I quite enjoy swimming. 

PictureThai Cultural Exhibition
In Ashburton Borough School a bunch of children came from Thailand. They put on an exhibition for us and we asked them lots of questions. They were from all over Thailand and hardly knew each other. I only know a couple of their names: Matrix and Born. The Thai children have special people who look after them. I can’t understand them that well but I know they’re trying their best to learn English, besides they can’t understand me that well either! Matrix told me that Fishzilla was one of his favourite fish. One of the most common jobs in Thailand is a farmer. Nearly all of Thai food is spicy and well mixed together. The Thai people are only here for a limited time so we need to learn as much as possible from them.  

These are the links for the shape games in the library today:
Quadrilaterals and triangles

Today 3 ladies from ALTRUSA came to our school to present us with some gifts for our A.V.A.I.L.L. programme. This is a type of reading activity involving a movie with subtitles. They gave us some movies like...

• Because Of Winn-Dixie

• Horton Hears A Who

• The Tale Of Despereaux

• The Water Horse

• Meet The Robbinsons

• Earth The Power Of The Planet

• Nim's Island

They also gave us some books including..

• A Day With Wilbur Robinson

•Horton Hears A Who

•Because Of Winn-Dixie

•The Tale Of Despereaux

•The Water Horse

•Nim's Island

The teachers got something too...It's pretty cool, most of the children want their present...it's a manual for AVAILL and the answer booklet!!!
by Shania and Danielle