Commenting on our own blog and other classes blogs is fun. It is a great way to find out what other people are learning about.

Here are some rules to remember when you are commenting:
1)Only put in your first name.
2)You can put your classroom and school too.
3)If there is a photo or video of somebody, only use their first name.
4) You need to edit your comment. Does it make sense? Have you used capital letters and full stops?
5) Get your comment checked by an adult.
What makes a quality comment?
1) Tell them what you like about their post.
2)Tell them why you like their post.
3) You can tell them something it reminds you of.
4)You can ask a question about their post.
5) We always write a positive comment so that people always feel good about their learning.
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20/03/2013 21:12

Nice step by step instructions for posting a comment. It WILL hopefuly make a difference and or improvement to what is being said

01/07/2013 19:46

That's funny you are posting a quality comment on the quality comment rules!!


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