On Tuesday the 22nd of May we
went to see a performance on cyber safety. There were two actors, Brett and  Alice. Brett played Dylan your average guy and Michael the cool dude. Alice played Emma, a new girl at a new school and Hannah the popular girl that got  jealous. It had lots of singing but taught us not to believe everything you see online, because Dylan got tricked online by a 45 year old man who pretended to be a 14 year old girl named Sally. Also Hannah tricked Dylan and got his phone and sent bad messages to Emma. For this Emma feels really really bad. Then the
police turned up and Dylan kept on blaming Hannah and Hannah got the blame.  
Our favourite bit about it was that it taught us a lot. We learnt that  not everything online is real and if you get caught up in the wrong things it can be bad. For example, if somebody bullys you online there is always evidence and they can be traced. I thought it was a good idea for Emma to ring 0800Whatsup for help.
Overall it was a good play which taught all of us a lot and it was helpful to us. 
By Thomas Charlie and  Harry.


29/05/2013 00:36

it was a good play and it taught us alot about cyber bullying

29/05/2013 13:14

I also really liked the play

08/06/2013 23:30

I really liked it because most people don't know about cyber bullying and most people don't know when they are cyber bullying to other people so I liked the people who came to our school and taught us all about cyber bullying.


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