Photo of our group at Lake Heron- about to sail our boats!
On Tuesday 26th March, room
fourteen and Laghmor Seniors went on a trip. We were going to Hakatere, it’s a
historical place. We had to be there at ten o’clock. We had to be at school by nine o’clock. It was a real rush.

Firstly we had to get on the bus. One hour later we were there. Then we had a break, it was morning tea. After morning tea two people talked to us, their names were Hillary and George. They split us up into three groups.
After that our group went to the Manager’s House. We went inside first. We looked around, there was nothing there that looks like our homes today. There was no garage or toilet.
Finally we moved on and started weaving. We weaved a square then platted a rope. Next we rotated and built rafts, they were made out of reeds, sticks, string and
After that George took us to the south branch of the Ashburton River and we identified insects in the water, and it was quite hard. After we left to Lake Heron to sail our boats. It was really cool and just about every boat floated, it was awesome. 
Everyone enjoyed the fabulous trip. But just about everyone liked floating their boats the most.  

Riley & Savannah


22/04/2013 23:45

nice recount guys!!!

06/05/2013 21:44

why thank you monique I took a lot of time into this!!!

01/06/2013 15:40

No big!!!!!!


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