Today 3 ladies from ALTRUSA came to our school to present us with some gifts for our A.V.A.I.L.L. programme. This is a type of reading activity involving a movie with subtitles. They gave us some movies like...

• Because Of Winn-Dixie

• Horton Hears A Who

• The Tale Of Despereaux

• The Water Horse

• Meet The Robbinsons

• Earth The Power Of The Planet

• Nim's Island

They also gave us some books including..

• A Day With Wilbur Robinson

•Horton Hears A Who

•Because Of Winn-Dixie

•The Tale Of Despereaux

•The Water Horse

•Nim's Island

The teachers got something too...It's pretty cool, most of the children want their present...it's a manual for AVAILL and the answer booklet!!!
by Shania and Danielle


20/09/2013 00:21

That was very kind of Altrusa, to give us all of those books and movies for our A.V.A.I.L.L. Don't you think?

23/09/2013 22:07

Yes Shania I do! I think that was very generous of them to do such a nice thing. I would like to read the water horse and whatch because of Winn-Dixie and Nims Island.

07/10/2013 22:12

Yeah I'm also quite exited to watch some new videos that I have never seen before. :)

23/10/2013 19:54

Even though I wasn't there, I'm excited !!!


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