PictureThai Cultural Exhibition
In Ashburton Borough School a bunch of children came from Thailand. They put on an exhibition for us and we asked them lots of questions. They were from all over Thailand and hardly knew each other. I only know a couple of their names: Matrix and Born. The Thai children have special people who look after them. I can’t understand them that well but I know they’re trying their best to learn English, besides they can’t understand me that well either! Matrix told me that Fishzilla was one of his favourite fish. One of the most common jobs in Thailand is a farmer. Nearly all of Thai food is spicy and well mixed together. The Thai people are only here for a limited time so we need to learn as much as possible from them.  


08/11/2013 22:55

It was good learing about thailands cultrure. It was very intresting. It looks like a bice place to go on holiday on...


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