PictureKate read a poem about trees
On the 9/05/2013 at one thirty, everyone at Ashburton Borough School took part in the UNESCO tree planting annual event. The goal for New  Zealand schools is to plant 100 million trees by 2017. Our school planted 6 trees which was 1 liquid Amber 4 Hebes and 1 Black Beech tree. But before we started planting Adam and Cameron presented a speech plus Kate from our class presented a poem. Kirsty Clay from The Guardian also joined us on this special day. 
Written  by Shania and Sarah


15/05/2013 23:52

Nice poem kate I really enjoyed it :)

Ms Grimes
28/05/2013 23:14

I really liked your poem too Kate. Yourself and your mum make a great team when researching poetry!

08/06/2013 23:34

thank you for the awesome comments


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